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The Pros and Cons of VoIP for Small Business

The VoIP has brought great effect to the businesses. Many companies and businesses have changed their fixed phone with VoIP. The tendency to change the fixed line with VoIP is caused by the promotion that say the VoIP is the revolutionary way to make communication to all people in the world with many amazing features. The VoIP is told having tons of great facilities that improve the way we make call significantly. However, there are some pros and cons about the VoIP. Because the VoIP is widely used by the business world then the pros and cons are also related to the business.

The Pros and Cons Voip for Small Business are need to know to make you and other VoIP users understand. The description of the Pros and Cons can help users that want to convert their fixed phone line to the VoIP. According to the promotion and advertisement that the VoIP providers release, the VoIP brings tons of great value, but check the list of pros and cons below to consider it again.

The Pros:

•           Cheap, Flat international rate, Free Calls to Certain Area

•           Clear Sound, Less Noise

•           No Phone line needed

•           Pay only what you use

Those are some of the pros of VoIP that you can enjoy if you sign up for a VoIP service. The VoIP has the best sound quality with the lowest price that will save a lot of money in your pocket.

The Cons:

•           VoIP need broadband connection with fast internet and it is not suitable for area without broadband connection.

•           It needs external power source to remain operational when there is power outage or blackouts in your area.

•           It is vulnerable against virus attack or hacker. Especially if you use PC to operate the VoIP, it can bring down the whole system.

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