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PhonePower Reviews – Get Unlimited Voip Calls

Unlimited VoIP Calls Phone Power

Looking for The Best Residential VoiP that Offer Unlimited US and International Calling? Then you should consider purchasing PhonePower, the best Unlimited Voip Call Provider in US. Phone Power are around for more than 5 years and has helped so many consumers to lower their Phone Bill.  They have really competitive price and decent sound quality. They also lease the VoIP equipment,  so you don’t have to spend money for VoIP equipment.  Moreover, their price is the most competitive compared to other VoIP plans, their rates even cheaper than Vonage or Skype! If you make lots of Phone Calls, you should consider PhonePower for your Phone Calls needs.

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If you’re looking for the Best unlimited Voip Calls for your home, I suggest you to sign up for Phone Power. But for small or SOHO business, I recommend you to get RingCentral (read our RingCentral Review here) because they have Toll Free number service that make your company looked professional in front of your clients and Unlimited Fax that help you to reduce MORE Phone Bills.


  • Affordable price, just USD 8.33/mo for Unlimited US and Canada Calls and USD$14.95 for International Call plans
  • Can keep number
  • Free Equipment Lease
  • Free 2 Landline Phone
  • Free iPhone App Free Softphone (To call from PC)


  • You need stable Internet connection to get clear and stable calls
  • If you running small business, I suggest you to get company that specialized in Small Business VoIP like RingCentral. They’re more expensive,  but more stable and you’re get Toll Free Number + Unlimited Fax for your business

Get USD $5 off PhonePower Purchase! Valid till Oct 25 2012

Coupon  Code: 845557526

Phone Power have two Unlimited Voip Calls Plans, here is their plans:

Unlimited US VoIP Calls

Unlimited VoIP Calls cheap and affordable

For as low as USD$ 8.33 you can Unlimited Call to all US and Canada number! It’s recommended for most home VoIP. If you make lots of domestic calls, it sure will save you lots of your phone bill. You can keep your phone number and use any standard landline phone. Moreover, you also get FREE 60 minutes VoIP International calls to about 50 countries. However, if you want your business to sounded more professional, I still recommend you to try RingCentral to get Toll Free Number (Read RingCentral Review here). If you’re don’t use landline phone often, you can st up on your iPhone to get unlimited VoIP Calls too!

Unlimited International VoIP Calls

International, India, Philliphines, UK, Japan Unlimited VoIP Calls

Have relatives or family worked overseas? I recommend you to purchase their International Plan. You will get Free Calls to US and Canada number and 20 HOURS International Calls to call anywhere.  In most case, 20 hours is more than enough to get Unlimited International VoIP Calls. It means, you can get Unlimited VoIP Calls for most country including Unlimited Voip Calls to Phillipines, India, UK, Japan, Australia, Bangladesh,  Pakistan and many more!

Get USD $5 off PhonePower Purchase! Valid till Oct 25 2012

Coupon  Code: 845557526

Seeks for the Unlimited VoIP Calls Providers? After a long search, we found out PhonePower is the best Unlimited Home VoIP and RingCentral as the Unlimited Business VoIP +Toll Free number. Read our PhonePower Review and RingCentral review here.

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