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The Best Residential US Unlimited VoIP Calls

Choosing the Best VoIP Recording Software

The VoIP has been widely used as an alternative to conventional phone line. The VoIP becomes favorite replacement of the old phone because it has various advantages that old phone can’t provide. The low voice, clear sound, and low cost on phone call are the things that make the VoIP gains its popularity so fast. Unlike the old phone, you can’t record the conversation on the VoIP with traditional phone recorder, like the one you have with your old phone. If you want to record the conversation on the VoIP, you need special software integrated with your computer or VoIP device.

Recording Software List

There are many Mobile Voip Recording Sofware that you can use to record the conversation over the VoIP and here are some of them

•           HotRecorder

•           vEmotion

•           CallCorder

•           Advanced Phone Recorder

Those are some of the best VoIP recorder that you can get from the internet and each of  them has great features that can make recording process easier to do.

HotRecorder is one of the software you need to record. It works best with almost all VoIP provider and tools. It records the sound in ELP format but the software provides you with the converter to convert the ELP into any sound format you like such as MP3, OGG, or others. vEmotion is claimed to be the most handy software to record voice over VoIP and it has tons of features such as background music and ability to record from various VoIP servers such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, and many others. CallCorder and Advanced Phone Recorder has similar features. They record the voice directly and then save it to your computer. It records the sound directly into MP3 format and then you can play it in most audio player. Before, you buy those VoIP recording software; you can try their trial version first.

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