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What is the best solution for VoIP

VoIP for business, or a fraction T1 line is needed for its high-speed Internet access. T1 offers guaranteed bandwidth and ensures the availability of bandwidth, which, curiously, is also a requirement for VoIP. You see the link between these conditions? You say that the T1 line is too expensive? This is an issue in itself, but a level 1, which can provide the service, which can handle VoIP T1, in most parts of the country can be had for less than $ 400 per month and over 90 % of the country for less than $ 550 per month.

But do we really need a VoIP solution, or even the application of technology for the sake of technology? Some say that even for the home or business, you save money automatically. Let me say that nothing is automatic in the field, and I recommend you create a small spreadsheet and calculate the real costs. Yes, generally VoIP unlimited long distance, but how long distance actually used? You can use this function, or is it just for bragging rights? Yes, it is generally a good VoIP solution includes features such as voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, and others, but to use these features?

Do not misunderstand this point, a good VoIP solution can save a ton of money, but you must understand your calling patterns and how to use the service. It also requires a strong high-speed Internet connection to ask people not to think you are calling from the bottom of your bathtub. You need to evaluate the costs and make a good financial decision based on their individual needs, and if you’re looking for a VoIP solution for home or business.

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