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Voip Unlimited Call Cost

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Voip Unlimited Call cost you not much, or I can say it only cost you a little. Usually it only cost below $25 per month and you usually get special discount when you purchase the annual plan. With a Voip Service Provider we can get USA unlimited in calling and some other countries. It depends on the plan you choose, usually it cover a lot of countries, so we can make unlimited international call in a very cheap rates. The excluded countries usually we have to pay, but it’s still cheap compared to the usual phone. For example, the calling rate to India just 0.077 per minutes and voip international calling to Japan only cost 0.050 per minutes. It’s really cheap, isn’t it?

It’s Really cheap compared to the usual phone line. If you really love to call people in other states, you have to pay the long distance rate. If you have spouse in other country, you also have to pay more. International call will be really expensive. Just for illustration, when I have to call my boyfriend in Europe and my sister call her boyfriend in California, we have to pay about $100 a month.

With this unlimited voip service I only have to pay 22 bucks month. It makes a lot of saving for my budget! If you experience too expensive phone bill like me, I suggest you have to sign up for Voip Unlimited Call service!

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