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Is There a Such VoIP for Kindle Connection? We Still Have Long Way to Go to Find Out

Kindle, the e-book reader device from Amazon has been released into its third generation this year. The newly added feature on K3 is the microphone on the e-book reader. Many analysts of gadget market predicts that the microphone is a step to make the e-book reader to perform the function not only for merely reading e-book and getting connected to the internet, but furthermore, it is able to undergo VoIP call.

However, there is no clarification upon what is the intention of the added microphone on the device. The most radiant possibility is that the microphone performs the function for voice command and navigation to the e-book. It seems that VoIP for Kindle is still away from the horizon. However, when it is compared for the value, there are much analogies and values of multipurpose devices that is brought by VoIP for Kindle.

The analogy and value reserves in the way both of the variables, VoIP and Kindle have brought tremendous change to the way their users utilize them. VoIP transmitted the message into audio and transmit it so that you can undergo an internet based phone call, while using Kindle you are not merely able to read e-book but also look for dictionary and highlighting the important section in your e-books. Perhaps we need to wait for more time to get the clarity of possibility of VoIP for Kindle, especially which provider and software provider that Amazon will likely to cooperate with to bring the VoIP connection and service to the e-book reader device.

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The Flexible Procedure and Cheap Phone Call Cost that Urges the Boom of VoIp in Korea

The hype of the VoIP connection as a breakthrough in communication way is going global. Today, not only people in America and Europe who are able to enjoy the reliable, fast and cheap distant call, but people in Asia is able to experience this breakthrough of communication.

South Korea as the home country of one of the leading digital technology in Asia is experiencing the hype of this new communication that has been going since two years ago. The hype of the Voip in korea started in 2008, but then the real hype where people are massively switching their PSTN to Voip numbers and connection occurred at the end of 2008. The economic crisis that hit the country during that time combined with the much lower price of the Voip connection became the best recipe that makes the boom of Voip in Korea.

The price of Voip is noted to be 85% percent cheaper than the PSTN that becomes a clear reason to urge people switching from their fixed phone to internet based phone. The flexibility of switching form fixed phone to Voip in Korea becomes the other reason that makes the growth VoIp keeps increasing. Anyone who wants to change their PSTN to VoIP doesn’t have to change their phone number. Hence, there are less procedures to take to have a cheap and reliable way of communication at home.


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Conducting VoIP Line Test to Check the Stability and Reliability of Your Internet Connection to Undergo the Internet Based Phone Call

VoIp connection is a breakthrough in the way people making calls effectively and efficiently. You can subscribe or register to make a VoIP account for free, because it relies on the internet connection, or, for a frequent VoIP call you can subscribe for the paid mode that is way cheaper than the cost of the PSTN calls.

However, there is one thing that becomes a major question upon the reliability of using VoIP call apart from its cost, which is the stability of the connection. When your internet connection is fast, you can have a clear and continuous call. However, when the connection is low or even down, all you will get is a robotic conversation, or your call might be terminated. Therefore, it is important that you conduct the VoIp line testto check the reliability of your connection to undergo VoIP call.

You can do the VoIp line test for free through the service that is offered bay many websites for internet connection speed test. It is highly recommended that you close the other running windows before conducting the connection speed test to ensure its result. However, if you want a complete diagnose upon the speed, reliability, stability and rates of your connection to do the VoIP call you can take the paid VoIP line test to ensure your enhanced communication.

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