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The Best Residential US Unlimited VoIP Calls

Choosing Hosted Business VoIP

The VoIP is claimed to be the most cost efficient calling service. Basically the VoIP is using your internet connection to make call to any phones including mobile phone and fixed phone line. There are many advantages that the VoIP users can get and it is much better compared with fixed phone line. The main advantage of  the VoIP are its ability to deliver clear and crisp sound anywhere in the world with flat rate. In fact, you can make free calls in certain country. However, to get the advantages of the VoIP you need to sign up a contract with a business VoIP provider company. It is not so hard to find the VoIP provider because the use of VoIP is getting more popular day by day.

Hosted Business ViOP Advantages

To get hosted business voip you only need to open the internet and search it. However, before you sign up a contract, you need to make sure that their services are the best. You need to make a check list of features you need. Below are the things or features that you need to include in the checklist when choosing a hosted VoIP

•           No Hidden Fees

•           Pay Only What You Use

•           Quality Assurance toward Their Service

Each of things listed above should be present when you sign up a contract. Make sure that you pay what you receive and ask if there is additional cost that you have to pay after you sign a contract. Choose a VoIP company that use open report for its customers. Make sure also that in the contract; you only pay what you use. Usually, a VoIP company gives you flat rate for international calls and free or low rate for local calls, pay as listed in the price list. The last one is that you have to make sure that the company has the best quality in their service.


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OBi110 VoIP Telephone Adapter

The raising of the VoIP has made great evolution on how human communicate to each other using phone line. Surely, the existence of VoIP reduces the number of conventional phone calls that still use land line. The VoIP works with all types of internet connection and also providers. The most popular way to communicate using VoIP is Skype. Google Voice, Yahoo Messenger and others. To connect to VoIP you need OB110 it is a voice service bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter with Google Voice and others. With Obi110 you can make international calls with low rate and also free calls to US and Canada.

Obi110 Features

The Obi110 is the best google voice telephone adapter you can buy from the market. It provides you with varius features that you will not get from other telephone adapter. There are some features that make this product superior than other. Those features are:

•           Free Calls to OBiTALK Network

•           Can be used for iPhone and PC

•           Easy to Install

•           No PC Required

With this Obi110 telephone adapter, you don’t need to pay to make call to all OBiTALK network. If your clients, friends, family and other companies also use OBiTALK, you can call them free of charge plus bonus free call to US and Canada. The Obi110 can also be used with iPhone and PC and you only need to get the right version. Furthermore the Obi110 VoIP telephone adapter is very easy to install and you can install using its installing guide. It doesn’t need PC too because the device is connected directly to the internet using your modem. With simple adjustment and setting, you can directly use the VoIP to make cheap calls anywhere on earth. The Obi110 is tagged with a $50.47 price tag on Amazon with ships for free service.


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Choosing the Best VoIP Recording Software

The VoIP has been widely used as an alternative to conventional phone line. The VoIP becomes favorite replacement of the old phone because it has various advantages that old phone can’t provide. The low voice, clear sound, and low cost on phone call are the things that make the VoIP gains its popularity so fast. Unlike the old phone, you can’t record the conversation on the VoIP with traditional phone recorder, like the one you have with your old phone. If you want to record the conversation on the VoIP, you need special software integrated with your computer or VoIP device.

Recording Software List

There are many Mobile Voip Recording Sofware that you can use to record the conversation over the VoIP and here are some of them

•           HotRecorder

•           vEmotion

•           CallCorder

•           Advanced Phone Recorder

Those are some of the best VoIP recorder that you can get from the internet and each of  them has great features that can make recording process easier to do.

HotRecorder is one of the software you need to record. It works best with almost all VoIP provider and tools. It records the sound in ELP format but the software provides you with the converter to convert the ELP into any sound format you like such as MP3, OGG, or others. vEmotion is claimed to be the most handy software to record voice over VoIP and it has tons of features such as background music and ability to record from various VoIP servers such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, and many others. CallCorder and Advanced Phone Recorder has similar features. They record the voice directly and then save it to your computer. It records the sound directly into MP3 format and then you can play it in most audio player. Before, you buy those VoIP recording software; you can try their trial version first.

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