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There are several web sites that give offers and selection to lowering down the cost of VoIP. However, without their help, we can also conduct in lowering down our VoIP rate. There are some specific requirements to low rate VoIP access.

In order to use the software of low rate VoIP, our computer or laptop must meet some specific requirements that are also giving us some advantages of VoIP. At least our computer must perform in Windows Vista, XP, or 2000 with SP2. The computer also should run in 300 MHz processor with minimum 128 MB RAM. to low rate VoIP, we can download the low rate VoIP with minimum 10 MB free disk space on your hard drive, then install it. Low rate VoIP is divided into several tabs which are The Contact Tab and The Dial Pad Tab. To call over VoIP with low rate, we can use from the textbox, double click on the user on your contact list, use the dial pad just like we do on a regular phone, then use the keypad over PC. Even though we are making a local phone, it will be better if we still be using country and area code before the subscriber number.

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