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How VoIP Works

Voip System

VoIP technology is enabling you to have a voice transmitted over internet access protocol. The technology of VoIP provides a way or path to send and analog signal which is your voice’s sound over the internet as a digital medium. Then, how does VoIP work?

To make it simple, let us pretend it in a real-world example. Pretend that we have the VoIP service and a traditional analog telephone that is connected with a high speed internet using the ATA or analog telephone adapter. When we start to make a call, picking up the phone and dialing number, the ATA will converts the analog touch-tones into a digital form.

The result of it will be sent by ATA to the VoIP routing system service provider that is connecting to the internet. The routing system will create a path for your dial number destination, and this routes call to the PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network. The route will come to the destination when your phone destination is ringed. When the call begins, ATA will converts your voice’s sound into the digital packets that is can be split up and can be sent over the internet access.

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