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VoIP Disadvantages

disadvantages voip service

Currently Public Switch Telephone Network is taking over by the technology of VoIP, voice over internet protocol. It is a technology system where we can make a phone call using computer or laptop with headset equipment over the internet access. Few people see it as advantages in technology where most of all sees via VoIP the phone call rate can be low down. However there are some disadvantages of VoIP and the major of it is its reliability.

Above of all, the use of VoIP is dependant on wall power. In regular phone, even though the power goes down, the phone can still be working, but it will not work for VoIP. With VoIP, there is no power means no phone. Another consideration is VoIP using the internet connection where as we know that in the internet connection it is susceptible to the worms, viruses, and hacking. Until now, VoIP provider still can not counter this. VoIP also having a phone system dependant on our individual PC that has vary specifications with its power. The call using VoIP can be affected by the processor drain that can lose the quality of our phone call and other limitations over our computer issues.

However, there more benefits and advantages than the regular phone. First, you will save lots of money! This VoIP provider only charged me the flat $21.95 a month for the Unlimited Voip Calls! I can call whenever I want, 24 hours a day and only pay the monthly rate. That’s why I still using VoIP now, because I see there are more advantages than the disadvantages of using Voip. This is the voip provider I use to make Affordable voip calls.