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The Pros and Cons of VoIP for Small Business

The VoIP has brought great effect to the businesses. Many companies and businesses have changed their fixed phone with VoIP. The tendency to change the fixed line with VoIP is caused by the promotion that say the VoIP is the revolutionary way to make communication to all people in the world with many amazing features. [...]

Choosing Hosted Business VoIP

The VoIP is claimed to be the most cost efficient calling service. Basically the VoIP is using your internet connection to make call to any phones including mobile phone and fixed phone line. There are many advantages that the VoIP users can get and it is much better compared with fixed phone line. The main [...]

OBi110 VoIP Telephone Adapter

The raising of the VoIP has made great evolution on how human communicate to each other using phone line. Surely, the existence of VoIP reduces the number of conventional phone calls that still use land line. The VoIP works with all types of internet connection and also providers. The most popular way to communicate using [...]

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