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Low Rate VoIP for iPhone Application

Your iPhone has brought a ‘new life’ to you in many ways from communication to your everyday lifestyle. Now, you are also able to make the low cost VoIP call from your iPhone to keep in touch with your friends, business partner, and relatives even the one abroad. If you are looking for the low [...]

Truphone Review, Truphone vs Skype, Which One is Better?

With the technology in communication field which always develops into something more cutting edge and modern, communication companies are racing each other in giving the most satisfying and cheapest services. The two most competitive technologies, Truphone and Skype, sound will be two life time enemy in attracting the costumers. So, which one is better than [...]

Get the Fring for Symbian, and Feel the Sharing Experience

With the new technology is communication field that is always developing every day, we are provided with lots of new features available in social network application offered by it. Fring for example, as the mobile application that enable the users called fringers to communicate with their friends all over the world using mobile phone’s internet [...]

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